Element Quiz

Everything you do symbolizes something towards an element, that can be Fire, Earth, Water, or Air! Want to know which element do you reflect? Take up this fun quiz!

What is my element?

Air, Water, Earth or Fire? What are you and with what suits your personality the most? That you're as hot and fiery as fire or as warm and stromy as water? Know that by answering the questions.

Which Element Are You Quiz:

Time to hop on to the quiz and know your element of soul and personality!


A symbol of feminity, nourishment, fertility, creativity, and longness towards the better and the best. Providing life to billion of people, you're a ray of hope. You are like home to your close ones, always ready to give in your best! You have an earthly look.


A symbol of passion, zeal, creativity, and motivation. Your soul burns from within, lighting up your way throughout. You're really independent and look at things with an open mind, with great perspectives. You're smokin' hot!


The symbol of birth, fertility, and refreshment. You have various personalities, you're calm as well as really disastrous at times, crashing and making noise, but you're really flowy. You can find your way out through any obstacle. You're as beautiful and polite as that crystal clear water.


The symbol of breath, life, communication, and the holy spirit. Flying through places, without the other person even knowing, you're really swift and outgoing. People love your company. You're really soothing and good-looking.