What Kind Of Angel Are You?

You're as protective as a Guardian Angel or as weird as the Throne Angel? Know that in a minute now, by answering the questions of this interesting and amazing quiz.

Which Supernatural Angel Are You?

Always dreamt to be an angel or got dreams of them since childhood, didn't you? The first milk tooth was taken off by an angel to your Christmas Gifts that are brought by one of them too. So, what if you had a chance to become an angel, which one would you be and fit perfectly in?

What Kind Of Angel Are You Quiz:

Take up this amazing and interesting quiz to know which angel suits your personality.


Guardian Angel

You have a good and bad Guardian Angel inside to protect you from this cruel world. Likely, you like helping people and guiding them no matter what, you're a savior.

Power Angel

You're as colorful as the Power Angels. You keep the demons away and have a firm belief in God, hence the interest in theology, ideology, and religion. You're vulnerable to bad things.

Virtues Angel

You bring spark in the dark, interested in sciences, you like working towards a better future. Really interested in arts and welfare of the Earth. 

Cherubim Angel

Divine creature, you hold the knowledge of God. You're like Lucifer, fierce and unmerciful.