Which Fairytale Creature Are You?

Which fairytale creature does your personality match to? Into the world of impossible and creation, what role can you play? This quiz has all the answers for you!

Fairytale Characters Female:

You're the young Snow White or Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Get all your answers here, knowing the fairytale character that matches your personality. 

Which Fairytale Creature Are You Quiz:

Go on with this amazing and fun quiz to know how and why a fairytale creature matches your personality!

Young Snow White

As beautiful and young as the Precious Snow White. Everyone around loves you with their whole heart. You are really kind and empathic towards people, so they reciprocate with more love and care. 

The Fairy With Turquoise Hair 

A motherly figure, you care and look out for your close ones like a mother does. You're really soft-spoken and sweet, full of kindness.


Not an earthly creature, everyone aspires to be like you. You're always the centre of attraction and amaze people with your qualities and hobbies. 

Princess Aurora 

Beautiful inside-out, you're really soft-spoken and like to sing. You talk sensible, so there is no need for you to be loud, you are heard anyway.